COVID19 and Online Working

I am now offering online (video) therapy to all my

existing clients, and to new clients during

this time of new challenges.

Whilst we need to maintain physical distancing, we can still connect socially and emotionally.  The ripple effect of staying connected helps the emotional wellbeing of everyone.


waterdrop rippling on white background


Online therapy may feel odd, after the experience of being physically in a room with someone.  But it can also have its benefits. No travelling time or public transport, your own familiar surroundings, and comfy clothes and seating with a cuppa of your choice.

Many people also experience a greater connection with their therapist via online therapy, and a sense of safety from being in their own familiar surroundings.

In this time of uncertainty, many people are experiencing increased anxiety, distress and confusion relating to COVID 19.   If you are experiencing difficulties coping with the COVID 19 situation, and would like to speak to someone confidentially, I am also offering single session therapy.

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