Trauma Counselling

trauma and abuse counselling

Helping you feel good about yourself

If you are struggling with guilt, shame, and feelings of worthlessness, I understand how difficult that can be.

You might be feeling lost and out of control right now, with feelings of distress, shame, anger and anxiety.  You could be feeling preoccupied with traumatic events that have happened to you, or experiencing flashbacks, and struggling to not let them overwhelm you.

You might feel embarrassed to open up about what you’re really going through, even to family and friends. Getting help from a counsellor like me, can help you to explore what’s bothering you. Its important to know that what you are experiencing is normal, and its okay to ask for help.

Here Are Some Specific Challenges That I Can Help You With

You may be feeling:

  • like you cant control your emotions, and are scared that people will notice.
  • like its really difficult to get close to people, even those you love.
  • worried that things will never get any better.
  • that people would be better off without you.
  • the need to use drugs and/or alcohol to numb your emotions.
  • preoccupied with memories of traumatic events

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to cope, confidential trauma counselling can help.

I Can Help You Feel Better About Yourself

I’m Lynda,  and I can work with you to improve how you feel.

Supporting people with traumatic experiences is something I care deeply about. I have years of experience supporting people with very traumatic histories. I have been able to develop strong relationships with some amazing people, who trusted me enough to share their experiences and pain. I have enormous respect for their courage and resilience – and watching them develop and grow into confident, secure individuals has been amazing.

That is why I do this work. Why I provide a safe, calm space, to sit with you, on your terms, supporting you to work through your ‘stuff’ in your own way. I will work along side you, supporting you to heal your wounds and distress, in ways which feel safe and okay for you.

I have done, and continue to do, additional training around Trauma, PTSD, Dissociation, and Distress Management.

Previous clients have described me as kind, gentle, calm, and safe. They have felt able to share things which they have previously not ever disclosed before. Think of the therapy room as your comfortable, safe space for the time it is yours, to use as you need to. The therapy room itself is a comfortable and private ground floor room, with armchairs and cushions/blankets, and soft lighting.

Trauma Counselling Can Improve Your Life

Confidential trauma counselling can provide the support you need, to help you find your way towards a better life. Even if you’re feeling lost now, I can help guide you in making lasting, positive changes in your life.

Confidential trauma counselling can help you:

  • communicate better in the relationships with those you love
  • start to love life again
  • feel less distressed
  • feel more self confident
  • discover how to love yourself
  • improve intimate relationships
  • reduce flashbacks, panic attacks and preoccupation with traumatic memories 

It doesn’t feel easy managing your current situation but the good news is that it’s possible to feel better. I can work with you to help you feel better.

Take The Next Step, and Get in Touch..

If you are struggling with guilt, shame, and feelings of worthlessness and want to feel good about yourself, please get in touch with me, on Tel no: 07503 704482 or by emailing me at today.